Why Take Online Courses?

Top Ten Reasons Why…

eClasses are the way to advance your education and knowledge.

1) Cost Savings:
The money saved by taking eclasses can be thousands of dollars. Whether you’re an employee, an employer or going it alone. The money saved from travel alone can be substantial especially at today’s fuel prices. Then there’s hotel and meals. It gets worse if you have to fly and then rent a car.

2) Current Course Materials:
Course materials can be updated almost instantly when a change is required and at a fraction of the cost of reproducing the classic learning materials. Being able to have the latest information at your fingertips is a tremendous benefit.

3) You Decide:
If you’re like everyone else you don’t have time to waste. Between family, work and extracurricular activities it’s difficult to find the time for upgrading your education. Eclasses let you upgrade your skills and study anytime, anywhere. You can sit at home in your easy chair. Heck you can study in your PJs, if you want. There’s no time spent traveling to classes.

4) Your Control and Pace:
One of the great things about eclasses is that you can study and learn at your pace, not the instructor’s. You can focus on the areas you need and want. If you take an eclass from us you get the course book to keep. You review it as many times as you want. You still have the course book after you complete the class. They are great reference books.

5) Easy to Do:
After you have enrolled, the course materials are downloaded. They are your’s to keep and use. You don’t have to log-on with a user’s name or password. You can study the materials on your computer or print out what you want and study it that way.

6) Exams:
The exams are downloaded, also. Use them as a pre-exam workout and when you’re ready, complete it and email it back to us. We’ll score it and send it back to you. You can see how you did and go back and review the areas that you missed thereby enhancing the learning. You have 3 months to complete the course and the exams. All you have to do is maintain a 70% average score to pass.

7) Measurable:
Because the courses require you to pass the exams the results are measurable. Traditional learning credit is measured in clock-hours, whether these hours were productive or not is never asked nor measured. Our graduates receive a parchment certificate (not a screen-shot to print out) that includes the continuing education units and recertification credits.

8) Getting Ahead:
A person’s most important assets are knowledge, skills and competency. In order to keep up and/or get ahead with the fast pace of the ever expanding and continuous stream of new information, methods and tools, and to achieve success, it is paramount that your educational program be fast and effective. Eclasses give you this opportunity for success.

9) Experts:
The traditional class or seminar is usually presented by one, maybe two, experts on the topic. With the online method multiple experts contribute to the materials and presented simultaneously through the course workbook and materials. Since the knowledge the experts contribute is recorded and documented its presentation is consistent for every course taker. Whether that’s one person or every person in a company.

10) Results:
Studies have found that online learning results are similar to those achieved with traditional methods. In some cases the results were better because the learning was available at the point of need. The lessons were applied on the job during the course. This “hands-on” method helped speed up the application and efficiency of the learning.

Bonus Reason:
The course is available when you need/want it. You’re not confined to the time schedule and calendar of the course provider. The learning can be delivered faster and in tune with your schedule. This can provide a competitive advantage over those people that wait for a course or class to be presented. You’re up and running while they wait for the learning.

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