What Our Customers Say!

Here are some testimonials we believe tells our story better than anyone.

I felt that the exams were among the most demanding and thought-provoking  that I’ve ever taken in any subject (the person who recommended the course to me felt so also).

Michael Moran

New Berlin, WI

Thanks to QPA I was able to become an Certified Internal Auditor while deployed to Iraq. Affordable price, quality material and great customer support made the class smooth. The test. Finally, the certificate along with the company seal is second to none compared to other companies I’ve seen before. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to advance in their careers to take a look and give it a try.

Sgt. Manuel Tort

Camp Slayer, Iraq

The QPA’s online Green Belt Six Sigma , is not only informative & valuable as a educational tool but also as a working instrument. It did provide our employees with knowledge of course, but more important it did develop a mind set.

We have currently formed interdepartmental Continuous Improvement teams and initiated an aggressive cross operational program that should/will result in an $ 0.5 MM annualized revenue increase for the company, a very good result indeed.

We will continue to improve & get more of our employees into the Six Sigma zone.

Cornell J. Gligor

Director of Quality, Fypon Industries

It was extremely detailed and the project charter requirement put a practical working relationship to the materials. It works and I guess there is nothing more that can be said.

Butch Rafferty

Overland Park, KS

Best auditing class I’ve taken! Most the auditing classes bored me stiff.
The guy from QPA kept my attention by using real-life examples that he had experienced.

Derek McBride

Operator, Louisville, KY

Hello QPA,
Please tell me the Six Sigma Black Belt certification course is soon on its way! I finished the Green Belt course and received my certificate yesterday.

I quite frankly couldn’t understand how you could offer the class for such a small cost. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose with your guarantee.

I’m not telling you how to run your company but, you could charge a lot more. Most the online classes I found were in the high hundreds and some in the thousands. Some of classes were nearly as much as an college on-campus class.

Keep up the excellent job,

Gina Happstedt


I had a very rudimentary knowledge about ISO 14001. However, I was appointed the EMS representative and charged with “making it happen.”

Your eClass is just what I needed to get up to speed in a hurry. The workbook is absolutely great. The definitions really helped in understanding the meaning of the clauses in ISO 14001 and the implementation strategy fit our company to a tee.

Beth Hernadez

Richmond, VA

Hi QPA eBooks,
I want to let you know how much I appreciate the ISO 14001 Implementing Guide. By following the strategies and information we had our system finished and certified in 7 months. This is starting from nothing from an EMS standpoint.
I really appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to hyperlink the sections of the guide to the Table of Contents*. This made it so easy to find and get the info I was looking for.

Renee Osterman

San Diego, CA

By the way, the Auditing exam #2 is probably the most difficult exam I have ever taken. Maybe it’s just my perception. This course in ISO Auditing has been challenging and quite educational! I would recommend this training for anyone serious about becoming and ISO Auditor. At any rate, I have really enjoyed the auditors training

William Hull

Paradise, TX

I would like to confirm the arrival my certificates. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and QPA Training and Consulting as whole for your excellent services

Thank you and regards,

Abdulrazaq Egal

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I want to thank you for providing a course that is comprehensive and tailored for the professional who wishes to acquire additional skills and knowledge, enhance their understanding, or develop their professional skills.

Your course is very challenging and informative, exactly how a course should be designed and offered. The information provided in the course is straight-forward, practical and comprehensive.

Thank you for offering courses suited for the busy professional.

Eduardo Armendariz

Director of Regulatory Compliance & Safety, AgRx - Oxnard, CA

The ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor eCourse goes “above and beyond” to ensure its students receive a well-rounded education on internal
quality auditing. The course went into extensive detail on the principles and concepts of auditing. Many students like to be able to apply their
training to real life situations and the case studies allowed just that! That was the best part of the course!
The other great thing about this ISO 9001:2008 course is that it was offered online. That allows far more students to obtain the audit training needed to perform their jobs or to advance on the job, without having to leave their daily duties. Online courses allow students to study when and learn when it is more suitable and that is what makes online courses so valuable! 

Thanks for offering ISO 9001:2008 online!

Felicia Cantu

Houston, TX

I just wanted to thank Hal for the the great training sessions on 5Why, 8D and SPC over the last couple of weeks. They were informative and very well facilitated.
Thanks Hal.

Dave Hauter

Archbold, OH

Thanks for the Six Sigma Introduction E-class. I’ve got to tell you I was skeptical at first. I hadn’t seen an on-line course handled by e-mail. It worked out great. I printed some of the sections and took them with me on a visit to my in-laws. They don’t have an internet connection (ugh). Anyway, I got in a little study time while my wife and mother-in-law caught-up on things. I really like the idea that I’ve got the course book to reference when I need it.

Robert Carlisle

London, UK

Excellent course! The ISO 9001 Introduction courseware went above and beyond what we expected. We have put 14 of our employees through the course so far and have another group signing up as I write this.

We are a small company and it is difficult to take everybody away from their jobs to attend a 1 or 2 day training class. Your course is a blessing for our company.

Best Regards,

Tim Donnelly

Nashville, TN

To the president of QPA,
I probably shouldn’t tell this. However, I’m sure it happens all the time and I’m sure I’m not the only person to do this. I went to an auditing seminar principally to get the courseware to bring back and use to train my auditors. Unfortunately, the class workbook was a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, which was very weak. It would have taken a huge effort to put into useable shape (they probably do that purposefully).

I thought I could save myself some time and the company some money by not spending days or weeks developing a training class. The seminar costs nearly $500. but, I thought that was still cheaper than doing it myself. I was wrong.

I found your training guide and exams doing a Google search. I was skeptical because the price was so cheap. I thought “what the hell, I already shot $500., $24. isn’t going to break me.” WOW! That was the best investment for training I’ve made. I followed the rules on this and bought a copy for each of my auditors to use. I didn’t feel cheated and I didn’t want to cheat you guys by purchasing one set and photocopying it several times. Why so cheap? You could easily get 10 times as much.*

*QPA’s goals is to provide the best learning experience at the best affordable price.


Chicago, IL

I get more information, knowledge, and understanding from your courses than I ever have with other courses from other providers. I thoroughly enjoy your courses and look forward to enrolling in future courses. You offer the type of courses that truely enhance a professionals overall knowledge base and professional standing. QPA is a professionals haven for professional development. Thank you for providing quality courses at a reasonable offering.

Eduardo Armendariz

Director of Regulatory Compliance & Safety, AgRx; Oxnard, CA